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Community Partners TRY and NAMI

The Sentinels are very proud to announce our partnerships with Trauma Recovery Yoga and NAMI of Southern Nevada (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Both entities provide amazing resources that give us the opportunity to offer First Responders of our organization. Any first responder within the Sentinel Sports program and any First Responder that members encounter that may need services offered by both of these amazing organizations will have access.

Trauma Recovery Yoga features yoga-based rehabilitation to individuals who have experienced trauma. Many of our First Responders work on the front lines every single day and are injured in the line of duty. To have access to a program like TRY is significant for the Sentinels.

NAMI of Southern Nevada is a national program with a plethora of resources in all things Mental Health. They have classes, counselors and group sessions to tackle many of the issues First Responders deal with over the course of a long career (Acute Stress Disorder, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, etc.). Members of our organization and those that approach our program will have the chance to also become certified in leading group sessions to help fellow First Responders.

These two community partners will lay the foundation for our mission to help First Responders of the Southern Nevada community.

If you are an organization with similiar missions and want to partner up with the Sentinels, please send an email out to

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