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"Change is inevitable, growth is optional". We choose growth.

A very subtle but important change is complete. As the club continues to evolve from 2019 to 2020, into 2021, one thing that remains the same is the club's desire to better those who work for and in the community.

What was once the Vegas Police Sentinels, is now the Vegas Sentinels Hockey Club; this club now caters to all first responders, be it Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services.

These changes have been annotated in all aspects of the organization, from the website, to social media, down to the uniforms.

So if you are a Police Officer, Firefighter, or Emergency Medical Personnel, this club is for you. We still have opportunities for closed scrimmages, league play, charity and tournament games. The club also has multiple skill level teams, so don't be afraid if you're new to hockey, decades of experience and just need to shake the rust off, or if you'd played your whole life, this club has a place for you!

Reach out today to join the team!

Those of you who are not first responders and wish to help our cause, please reach out to and someone will be in touch to allow you to help out in ANY way you can.

Thank you all and stay safe and healthy.

- Vegas Sentinels Hockey Club

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